Monday, December 28, 2009

Beautiful flowers from a Wonderful Daughter

Well, my first post in awhile had to be of these
beautiful flowers my beautiful daughter made for me for
Christmas.   Aren't they fantastic?   So much time and
skill!   They are my favorite gift. Sarah's blog is at the
right of this picture - All Inked Up.  She is a very
talented girl!


Sarah Newman said...

Thanks Mom!!!! Love you!

Angela McKay, Stampin' Up Demonstrator, #1 Rising Star Canada 2008/2009 said...

These are UNREAL!!!!! That girl has more talent in her pinky finger than in my whole body!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god these flowers are awesome. Did Sarah make them? Wow she is talented, I have started following her blog since Stampin Royalty started up! You are one lucky mummy!